Agricultural Genomics

GCP has initiated an Agricultural Genomics Network (AGN) as a part of the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP).

With an objective of making genetic research and breeding applications cost-effective by enhancing adoption of modern genomic technologies, AGN is expected to have the following three main components:

  • Develop a community to discuss advances in genomics and provide critical appraisal of genomic technologies, tools and approaches
  • Develop a portal that will present the information on tools, resources developed by GCP or available in the public domain either by hosting some of them, or by providing links to other existing databases and portals, and
  • Broker access to economically priced large scale sequencing, construction of variety of (BAC, cDNA, fosmid) libraries, physical mapping, sequencing and re-sequencing, etc, provided by third-party service providers (eg. BGI, JCVI, NCGR).

These pages are the beginning of the proposed Genomic Resources Portal and will in due course populated with appropriare information on various tools and resources - including markers, maps and QTLs. For more information, contact Rajeev Varshney.

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