Anticipated Benefits to IBP CoP Members

The CoPs will add professional value to members as individuals, and also to their work and that of the teams they belong to. Services targetting CoPs will be offered through the IBP web portal. These will be a mix of various integrated breeding services, capacity-building opportunities, technical support, helpdesks, online and downloadable informatics tools, and social networking. They will include:

  • Forum or social space where community members will exchange ideas, methods, best practice and advances in various technologies.
  • An ordering service for germplasm of interest
  • Integrated Breeding support services that will provide do-it-yourself (DIY) templates for breeders to design their schemes
  • Training opportunities and resources, including both face-to-face and online options (data handling, data management, data analysis, small bioinformatics, mapping, etc)
  • Orientation for resource mobilisation and networking, including providing tips and templates for writing concept notes and project proposals.
  • Support for CoP members to carry out genotyping through the Genotyping Support Service/Marker Service of the IBP.
  • Improving phenotyping infrastructure for CoP initiatives identifies for the GCP Phenotyping Network.
  • Travel grants to cover intra-CoP exchange visits and attendance at meetings of import.
  • A resource centre for various documents such as reports, learning materials and key articles on the CoP’s area of interest.
  • Priority consideration of CoP members for human resource development opportunities available through IBP/GCP.
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