Capacity building

Capacity building is crucial for the long-term sustainability of research, and is an indispensable prerequisite for enabling delivery of research products. The Integrated Breeding Platform builds technical capacity for the efficient implementation of agricultural research programmes and facilitates the flow of research products through the research–delivery continuum to intermediate and end-users.

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These capacity building efforts comprise of training in data & information management, data analysis, molecular breeding, intellectual property & policy, and use of the various informatics tools and applications offered through the Platform. Resources for these are available under IBP Learning resources and External CB Resources.

Support Services are also an essential part of the IBP capacity building effort. These services help breeders to overcome technical and logistical bottlenecks, comprising of expert assistance to nurture the uptake and proper use of the new technologies that the Integrated Breeding Platform will be introducing. This technical back-stopping and mentoring is available under Support services.

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