Cassava Genome sequencing


The cassava genome has 18 chromosomes which spans an estimated 770 Mb.The draft genome sequence of cassava was obtained by a whole genome shotgun (WGS) strategy. A total of 22.4 billion bp of raw sequence data was generated to assemble the reads into contigs and scaffolds. These reads were assembled into 12,977 scaffolds that span a total of 532.5 Mb.

The genome assembly and annotation were publicly released and is available at Phytozome

Latest version of Cassava genome consists of 416 megabases of sequence spread over 11,243 contigs. Genome can be visualized with the help of Generic Genome Browser, which can be found at Cassava Genome Browser.


The Genome Paper: Prochnik S et al. (2012) "The Cassava Genome: Current Progress, Future Directions". Trop Plant Biol 5:88–94.

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