Cassava SSR Markers


  • Kunkeaw et. al. 2010 designed 425 EST-SSR markers using sequences obtained from the cassava EST database in GenBank, and integrated them with 667 SSR markers from a microsatellite-enriched genomic sequence. Of these, 107 EST-SSR and 500 genomic SSR primer pairs showed polymorphic patterns when screened in two cassava varieties, Hauy Bong 60 and Hanatee, which were used as female and male parental lines, respectively.
  • Sraphet et. al. 2010 reported development of 640 new SSR markers from an enriched genomic DNA library of the cassava variety ‘Huay Bong 60’ and 1,500 novel expressed sequence tag-simple sequence repeat (EST-SSR) loci from the Genbank database.
  • Raji et. al. 2009 reported development and characterization of 124 new, unique polymorphic EST-SSRs which extends the repertoire of SSR markers for cultivated cassava and its wild relatives Table.
  • Mba et. al. 2001 described the development and characterization of 172 new SSR markers for the cassava genome and also reported the placement of 36 of these markers on the RFLP framework map of cassava.
  • Chavarriaga-Aguirre et. al. 1998 reported isolation and characterization of 14 microsatellites containing GA-repeats in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz, Euphorbiaceae).
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