Chickpea Genetic maps


  • Choudhary et al. 2012 reported development of an advanced transcript map of chickpea. Chickpea seeds were used to generate 2,496 ESTs, which led to development of 487 novel EST-derived functional markers including EST-SSRs (125), intron targeted primers (ITPs) (151), expressed sequence tag polymorphisms (ESTPs) (109), and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (102). These 487 markers along with 385 previously published markers were used for genotyping the reference population derived from a cross between ICC 4958 × PI489777 and linkage map was constructed with 406 loci distributed on eight linkage groups spanning 1,497.7 cM with average marker density was 3.68 cM and the average number of markers per LG was 50.8.
  • Hiremath et al. 2012 reported development of cost-effective SNP marker assays and their use for genetic mapping in chickpea. Cost-effective KASPar assays were successful developed for 2,005 SNPs, of which 671 were used for genotyping on the reference mapping population (ICC 4958 × PI 489777) and used for linkage mapping along with 317 unpublished TOG-SNPs and 396 published markers. Authors have reported a second-generation genetic map comprising 1,328 marker loci including novel 625 KASPar assays, 314 TOG-SNPs and 389 published marker loci with an average inter-marker distance of 0.59 cM.
  • Gujaria et al. 2011 reported the development of genic molecular markers (GMMs) and transcript map of chickpea using these GMMs. In total, transcript map that comprise 300 loci including 126 GMM loci spanning 766.56 cM, with an average inter-marker distance of 2.55 cM was developed using inter-specific mapping population of chickpea.
  • Thudi et al. 2011 developed a comprehensive genetic map for Chickpea with SSR and DArT markers. A BAC-library comprising 55,680 clones was constructed and 46,270 BESs were generated and primer pairs were designed for 1,344 SSRs. In parallel, DArT array with 15,000 clones was developed. Parental screening of these markers found 253 BES-SSR markers and 675 DArT markers polymorphic. These polymorphic markers resulted in comprehensive genetic map comprising 1,291 markers on eight linkage groups (LGs) spanning a total of 845.56 cM distance based on recombinant inbred line (RIL) population ICC 4958 × PI 489777. The number of markers per linkage group ranged from 68 (LG 8) to 218 (LG 3) with an average inter-marker distance of 0.65 cM.
  • Millan et al. 2010 reported the consensus genetic map of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). Linkage maps from 10 different populations were merged to construct the chickpea consensus genetic map. Integrated map obtained from wide crosses consists of 555 loci including, 135 STMSs and 33 cross-genome markers distributed on eight linkage groups and covers 652.67 cM, while map obtained from narrow crosses comprises 99 STMSs, 3 SCARs, 1 ASAP, fusarium resistance gene, 5 morphological traits as well as RAPD and ISSR markers distributed on eight linkage groups covering 426.99 cM.
  • Cmap: A web based application for viewing genetic, physical and comparative maps. The following genetic maps can be found in this site:
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