Chickpea Genome Sequencing


Chickpea genome is estimated to be ~740 Mb in size. In case of chickpea two different accessions for Kabuli and desi were sequenced by ICRISAT and NIPGR respectively.

ICRISAT has used CDC Frontier which is member of the kabuli subtype. Whole-genome shotgun sequencing was performed with the HiSeq 2000 Sequencing System. In total, 87.65 Gb of high-quality sequence data were assembled into 544.73 Mb of genomic sequence , which represent 73.8% of the genome. 

Genome sequence can be downloaded at ICGGC-ICRISAT.

Genome can be visualized at  Legume information system

Genome Paper: Varshney RK, et al.  (2013) Draft genome sequence of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) provides a resource for trait improvement. Nat Biotech 31:240–246


NIPGR targeted the desi-type chickpea and have generated the draft genome sequence using next-generation sequencing platforms, bacterial artificial chromosome end sequences and a genetic map. The 520-Mb assembly covers 70% of the predicted 740-Mb genome length, and more than 80% of the gene space. 

Genome Paper: Jain M, et al. (2013) A draft genome sequence of the pulse crop chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). Plant J 74:715-729.



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