Chickpea SSR Markers


  • Hiremath et. al. 2011 used Tentative Unique Sequences(TUSs) for identification and development of molecular markers (SSR) and reported 728 primer pairs for SSRs. Table.
  • Thudi et. al. 2011 reported the developement of novel SSR markers from the bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC)- end sequences Table.
  • Garg et. al. 2010 identified a total of 4,816 SSRs in 4,180 transcripts of chickpea (C. arietinum L. ICC 4958).
  • Nayak et. al. 2010 reported a set of 311 novel SSR markers obtained from an SSR-enriched genomic library of ICC 4958 Table.
  • Varshney et. al. 2009 identified 2,029 sequences from drought and salinity-responsive ESTs were generated from ten different root tissue cDNA libraries of chickpea containing 3,728 SSRs.
  • Choudhary et. al. 2008 generated 822 chickpea ESTs from immature seeds as well as exploited 1,309 ESTs from the chickpea database, thus utilizing a total of 2,131 EST sequences for development of 246 functional EST-SSR markers Table.
  • Lichtenzveig et. al. 2004 generated and characterized 233 new SSR markers for chickpea from Large-insert bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries Table.
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