GCP’s mission is using genetic diversity and advanced plant science to improve crops for greater food security in the developing world. To realise this mission and sustain it beyond the Programme’s lifetime, GCP is working on establishing Communities of Practice (CoPs) for the most important food security crops.

These CoPs are meant to connect crop researchers – primarily breeders – whose nucleus will be existing users of the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP). CoP members will be willing to share experiences, information, informatics tools, best practices and improved varieties with the larger community. Establishing a high level of communication and collaboration within a community will avoid duplication of efforts, trigger optimum utilisation of resources and orient research towards a more applied and collaborative path. GCP will provide tailored capacity development in human resources and infrastructure, as well as technical backstopping, in support of the operations of CoPs.

To participate in a community of practice, one must first register as a user of the portal and then enrol in their community of choice. To visit the community pages, click on the appropriate crop either on the panel on the right or on the second-tier menu above. Click on the Community Digest tab above for a preview of the latest postings in the community pages.

For more information on what the CoPs are expected to do, click on General Terms of Reference for IBP CoPs. To learn what value to expect from CoP membership, click on Anticipated Benefits to IBP CoP Members. The CoP Leaders' Study Guide is appended below as a downloadable attachment.

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