Women in Science: Dr P. Revathi, Ph.D Genetics

In the context of March 8th, International Women’s Day, we will be posting brief portraits to highlight and celebrate women pursuing scientific careers. These women are enthusiastic users of the Breeding Management System and/or motivated participants of the Integrated Breeding Multi-Year Course. The comments section below can be used to leave questions or comments, or to start a conversation...

Name:  Dr P Revathi

Degree(s): Ph.D (Genetics)

Institute and Title/Role: Directorate of Rice Research, Crop Improvement and Hybrid Rice section

Research Programme: Molecular breeding for parental line improvement in hybrid rice

Field of research/Crop: Rice     

What first attracted you in pursuing a scientific career?

I got selected as an Agricultural Research Scientist (ARS) through competitive exam; this is a very high achievement for our field of study in our national system. I am proud of this realisation and have therefore pursued a scientific career ever since.

Who and/or what circumstances would you say have helped you in this pursuit?

Those who have most helped me in this pursuit are my parents and friends, as well as the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) who granted me fellowships for my Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

What do you think could help to attract more women into scientific research?

There should be more freedom for women scientists in the working environment, such as time flexibility, and recognition of their excellence in science. Higher officials should trust their women colleagues.

What advice would you give to younger women about to embark on a similar academic/professional path?

To believe in themselves; the conviction that “I can do it” is foremost important.     

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