Bangladesh approves Golden Rice trials

According to the World Health Organisation's global database on vitamin A deficiency, one in every five pre-school children in Bangladesh is vitamin A-deficient, and 23.7%of pregnant women are affected by vitamin A deficiency.The state-run Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) late last month got the approval for procuring seeds of the transgenic rice, popularly known as "Golden Rice", for its first-ever trial production in the country.Golden Rice, widely acclaimed for its perceived potential to fight vitamin A deficiency in expecting mothers and children, is now set to go through greenhouse trials and field tests before advancing into production phase. Details at

Lisa Mcullam

Wow!!! Glad to hear that sounds my pal bcoz all that impression of golden rice approves surprised me so far. I think that's great opportunity for the Bangladeshi farming. Keep it up! @ how to lose weight fast

posted on May 7, 2012 2:00AM
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