Cowpea QTLs

  • Pottorff et al. 2012 identified QTL for leaf shape, Hls (hastate leaf shape), on the Sanzi x Vita 7 genetic map spanning from 56.54 cM to 67.54 cM distance on linkage group 15.
  • Muchero et al. 2011 developed QTLs for Macrophomina phaseolina resistance and maturity in cowpea.
  • Muchero et al. 2010 identified 3 QTLs for resistance to Thrips tabaci and Frankliniella schultzei using a cowpea recombinant inbred population of 127 F2:8 lines.
  • Muchero et al. 2009 developed a map of QTL for drought stress-induced premature senescence and maturity in cowpea. .
  • Agbicodo et al. 2010 detected two consistent QTLs conferring resistance to CoBB detected under controlled conditions
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