Crop Genebank Management Learning Resources

The Crop Genebank Knowledge Base contributes to more efficient and effective ex situ conservation of crop genetic resources through facilitating easy access to knowledge and best practices for genebank management of selected crops. It provides dynamic up-to-date information on:

  • Peer-reviewed best practices for germplasm conservation -  from registration to distribution, including protocols, guidelines, manuals, and general genebank procedures;
  • Other aspects of management such as decision support, maintenance of genetic identity, performance indicators, quality and risk management, safe transfer of germplasm,  and specialised collections; and
  • Training materials, including training modules, handbooks, videos, images and useful links.

The Knowledge Base is an initiative of the System-wide Genetic Resources Programme (SGRP) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) working to build the capacity of genebank curators and technicians responsible for managing germplasm collections. Through these efforts, breeders and farmers benefit from more efficient mechanisms to access and distribute germplasm. Training institutions also benefit from this important collection of resource materials to train new researchers in agricultural biodiversity conservation.

Crop Genebank Knowledge Base Learning Resources include:

  1. Training Modules on different aspects of germplasm and genebank management
  2. Manuals and handbooks for germplasm and genebank management
  3. Videos and slideshows
  4. Useful references organised by crop and topic
  5. Useful links to related websites and additional information
  6. Glossary and Acronyms of terms used on the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base, conveniently arrangee in a searchable alphabetical order
  7. A photostream of useful and informative pictures

The learning resources are also available in the following languages:

En español Em português русский язык (Russian)
En francais العربية (Arabic)  


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