Crop information

The Crop Information available on the Integrated Breeding Platform Portal comprises of research results directly applicable to plant breeding and high-quality germplasm and evaluation data collected in the course of routine breeding activities. This information is compiled and published by International Research Centers of the CGIAR. The GCP has proposed a general strategy for managing this type of crop information.

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Trait Dictionary

Well documented Trait Dictionary for breeding is being established through set of processes which involves validation of the initial list of traits, translation to English, ranking of the traits, analysis of the ranking and complete documentation of the important traits for breeding. This is done in consultation with 5 to 10 breeders within the crop community. Read more about the processes and status of the Trait Dictionary.

Crop Database

The Portal provides access to the crop database established by the Crop Lead Center. It contains germplasm information, evaluation data from the CLC and the Trait Dictionary.  However, the database in the Portal is just a mirror of what is available from the CLC which works with the IB Tools and may not be the latest version.  For latest version, contact the data manager of the respective Crop Lead Center.

Click on the individual crop page above to download or query the crop database. You can also download the IB tools to access and utilize the database such as the IB Fieldbook for your field trial management.

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