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Chickpea, the world’s third most important food legume, is currently grown on about 11 m ha, with 96% cultivation in the developing countries. Chickpea production has increased during the past 30 years from 7.3 mt (average of 1977-1979 triennium) to 8.4 mt (average of 2004-06 triennium) because of increase in productivity from 693 to 786 kg ha-1 during this period.

Biological information

Cicer arietinum L. or chickpea is a self pollinating species belonging to the Fabaceae family. Its genome is diploid (2n=2x=16) with a genome size of 1C=740 Mbp.


photos: © ICARDA


Crop database


To obtain the Central Database for Chickpeas (which provides historical phenotyping data, germplasm information, trait information, and some genotyping data), download the Breeding Management System.

Data curators: 

  • Peteti Prasad (ICRISAT)
  • Khaled El-Shamaa (ICARDA)


Molecular markers



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