Design and analysis

This section provides resources for training in statistics, bioinformatics, quantitative genetics and molecular biology - including training in data generation, handling, processing and interpretation, as well as experimental design from field planting to MAS and MAB schemes. The materials provide assistance and guidance with the ‘translation’ of the molecular context to the breeding context and methodology developed for design and analysis of breeding trials.

The training materials illustrate the use of the different facilities available in the analytical pipeline in GenStat, updated to include the latest developments included in the 2011 release of GenStat (summer 2011).  Also included are resources for the   R software pipeline developed as part of the IBP Project.

These analyses include basic routine phenotypic analysis of field trials (estimation of trait’s genetic variation, heritability, and genetic correlations between traits), and more advanced genetic analysis such as the detection of QTLs.

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