DNA LandMarks

The IBP Genotyping Service provides the link with the genotyping laboratories, templates to request services, and guidance on relevant policies for DNA/germplasm exchange. The Platform does not however take on any legal responsibility regarding the choice of service provider by users, only facilitating bilateral contracts. Clients can engage with service providers directly, but if you require help with the process click on Genotyping Service Client Support.

DNA LandMarks is one of the leading agricultural genomics labs in the world, providing genotyping and sequencing services to plant and animal breeders around the globe.  Founded in 1995, the company specializes in projects related to marker development and validation, genetic mapping, marker-assisted selection, marker-assisted backcrossing, genetic fingerprinting, Sanger sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing.  In addition to SSR genotyping, DNA LandMarks offers SNP genotyping on the KASP, Sequenom and Illumina iScan platforms.  Their pricing is competitive and can be obtained by contacting Charles Pick at the address below. 


DNA LandMarks Inc
84 Richelieu street
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
Tel: (450) 358-2621
Fax: (450) 358-1154
Contact for IBP clients: Charles Pick


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