Drought phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice

In 2011 GCP published  a book entitled Drought phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice under a Creative Commons lisence, to ensure the widest possible dissemination. The book is a detailed description and analysis of the complex work of drought phenotyping in crops, simultaneously tackling both the theoretical and practical aspects. Featuring chapter contributions from more than 80 distinguished scientists, it is edited by Philippe Monneveux (formerly GCP Subprogramme Leader) and Jean-Marcel Ribaut (GCP Director). It is written for both practitioners and postgraduate students of plant science grappling with the challenging task of evaluating germplasm performance under different water regimes. You can download a pdf version of the entire book (25 MB; WinZip 16.5) or browse sections on the Generation Challenge Programme website. Below are direct links to specific chapters of the book.

Contents, Preface, Acknowledgements, Acronyms & Abbreviations, Contributors

Part I - Plant phenotyping methodology

Part I presents different methodologies for accurately characterising environmental conditions, implementing trials, and capturing and analysing the information generated.

  1. Phenotyping drought-stressed crops: key concepts, issues and approaches by Roberto Tuberosa
  2. Effective and efficient platforms for crop phenotype characterisation under drought by Hugo Campos, Jacqueline E Heard, Miguel Ibañez, Michael H Luethy, Tom J Peters and David C Warner
  3. Drought tolerance phenotyping in crops under contrasting target environments: procedures and practices by Reinaldo L Gomide, Frederico OM Durães, Cleber M Guimarães, Camilo LT Andrade, Paulo EP Albuquerque, Edson A Bastos, João HM Viana, Luis F Stone, Orlando P Morais, Maria J Del Peloso, Paulo C Magalhães, Luiz Balbino Morgado and Antônio C Oliveira
  4. Screening experimental designs for quantitative trait loci, association mapping, genotype-by-environment interaction, and other investigations by Walter T Federer† and José Crossa
  5. Plant response to environmental conditions: assessing potential production, water demand and negative effects of water deficit by François Tardieu
  6. The statistical analysis of multienvironment data: modelling genotype-by-environment interaction and its genetic basis by Marcos Malosetti, Jean-Marcel Ribaut and Fred A van Eeuwijk
  7. Analysis of metabolites for phenotyping by Tim L Setter
  8. Development of crop ontology for sharing crop phenotypic information by Rosemary Shrestha, Guy F Davenport, Richard Bruskiewich and Elizabeth Arnaud
  9. A selection of models to assist drought phenotyping by Sam Geerts and Dirk Raes
  10. Spatial analysis to support geographic targeting of genotypes to environments by Glenn Hyman, Dave Hodson and Peter Jones

Part II - Application to specific crops

Part II presents state-of-the-art research on adaptation to drought, and recommends specific protocols to measure different traits in major food crops - focusing on particular cereals, legumes and clonal crops.

  1. Phenotyping rice for adaptation to drought by Ken S Fischer, Shu Fukai, Arvind Kumar, Hei Leung and Boonrat Jongdee
  2. Phenotyping wheat for adaptation to drought by Philippe Monneveux, Ruilian Jing and SC Misra
  3. Phenotyping maize for adaptation to drought by Jose Luis Araus, Ciro Sanchez and Gregory O Edmeades
  4. Phenotyping sorghum for adaptation to drought by Robert E Schaffert, Paulo EP Albuquerque, Jason O Duarte, João C Garcia, Reinaldo L Gomide, Claudia T Guimarães, Paulo C Magalhães, Jurandir V Magalhães and Valéria AV Queiroz
  5. Phenotyping pearl millet for adaptation to drought by Vincent Vadez, Tom Hash, Francis R Bidinger† and Jana Kholova
  6. Phenotyping common beans for adaptation to drought by Stephen E Beebe, Idupulapati M Rao, Matthew W Blair and Jorge A Acosta-Gallegos
  7. Phenotyping chickpeas and pigeonpeas for adaptation to drought by HD Upadhyaya, J Kashiwagi, RK Varshney, PM Gaur, KB Saxena, L Krishnamurthy,CLL Gowda, RPS Pundir, SK Chaturvedi, PS Basu and IP Singh
  8. Phenotyping cowpeas for adaptation to drought by Anthony E Hall
  9. Phenotyping groundnuts for adaptation to drought by MS Sheshshayee, G Parsi Shashidhar, JN Madhura, R Beena, TG Prasad and M Udayakumar
  10. Phenotyping cassava for adaptation to drought by E Okogbenin, Tim L Setter, M Ferguson, R Mutegi, AC Alves, H Ceballos and M Fregene
  11. Phenotyping sweet potatoes for adaptation to drought by Francisco Vilaró
  12. Phenotyping bananas and plantains for adaptation to drought by Iyyakkutty Ravi and Subbaraya Uma
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