The Enhanced IB Training Strategy

Capacity-building is the fourth cross-cutting theme of the Generation Challenge Programme (GCP), crucial for the long-term sustainability of the programme’s research activities.

In the context of the ongoing revolutions in information technology, genomics and molecular breeding, GCP’s capacity building interventions primarily aim to enhance the application of these and new and emerging technologies in breeding programmes – particularly in the developing countries. The centre-piece of this effort is the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP), a collaborative initiative led by GCP, with a view to providing a convenient one-stop access to crop information, breeding services and cutting-edge analytical and decision support tools to design and carry out integrated breeding projects. The platform is designed to enable access to, and promote adoption of, molecular markers and corresponding modern breeding approaches.

The over-arching objective of GCP’s capacity building effort as described herein is to build a critical mass of scientists in developing country research institutes trained in and exposed to the use of modern breeding tools. This will in turn enhance their involvement in GCP’s and other research initiatives, and enable them to competently take on research leadership roles. The primary trainees will be practising senior, middle-level and upcoming breeders/scientists who are eager to apply new methodologies and employ informatics tools to advance their research programmes.

This document gives an overview of GCP’s strategy for achieving these goals over the next three years – describing the rationale, goals, content and partnerships of the technical capacity-building programme and the attendant awareness creation programme. It is anticipated that there will be need to identify and train local trainers to perpetuate the awareness creation programme, and potentially other aspects of the proposed training programme.

For more information contact Ndeye Ndack Diop (GCP Capacity-building Theme Leader) or Arllet Portugal (IBP Data Management Leader). You can also download the complete strategy document.

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