GCP Intellectual Property and Policy Materials

GCP Amended Consortium Agreement

The Consortium Agreement is the constitutive document of the Generation Challenge Programme. It defines both the legal set-up and the operational processes of GCP, and makes the fundamental provisions on intellectual property arising from the work of the programme. A copy of the Agreement is downloadable below.

GCP Amended Consortium Agreement Extracts on Intellectual Property

This document, downloadable as a pdf below, is a precise extract of the provisions of the Amended Consortium Agreement as they apply to intellectual property, humanitarian use, data and material sharing, confidentiality, publications and commercialisation.

Subsistence Use Amendments to the GCP Consortium Agreement

The Amended Consortium Agreement makes provision for humanitarian use of intellectual property arising from the activities of the Generation Challenge Programme. These provisions are particularly intended for the benefit of the world’s poorest people who are the ultimate target of GCP’s work. This document, available as a pdf below, is an extract of those provisions of the Agreement.

GCP Global Access Policy

The Generation Challenge Programme is dedicated to the development and production of international public goods that are freely accessible to both intermediate and final users, without restrictive intellectual property rights that would hamper the utilisation of these products for their envisioned and novel uses. The Global Access Policy, downloadable below, describes GCP’s global access and humanitarian objectives – and their foundation in the amended Consortium Agreement.

GCP Intellectual Property Policy

This document is a summative explanation of the intellectual property policies of GCP which by extension apply to all innovations of  products, tools and methodologies arising from work funded or partially funded by the Programme.

GCP Intellectual Property Policy Acceptance Statement

Research institutions that receive funding from GCP are required to sign this statement, binding them to adhere to GCP’s intellectual property policies in the conduct of the agreed work. The statement is incorporated in grant and sub-grant agreements that GCP enters into with partner institutions – with the purpose of ensuring that the product of the collaborative research work will be freely available to all those that are in need of it without undue or unreasonable restrictions. The statement is downloadable below.

GCP Project Development Guide Chapter 8 - Freedom to Operate and Other Legal Considerations

This extract from GCP’s Project Development Guide, developed with funding mainly provided by the Syngenta Foundation, is a precise description of vital information and important considerations that relate to Freedom to Operate that must be taken into account when developing a research project. The extract is downloadable as a pdf document below, and to access the full guide click on GCP’s Project Development Guide. Note: some of the descriptions of GCP’s project classification and project approval processes may no longer hold, given the Programme’s transformation as it approaches its close in 2013.

GCP Statement on Transgenics

Subject to review and revision as the exigencies of GCP’s work, public policy and enhanced knowledge dictate, this statement explains GCP’s long-held position on the use of transgenics.

Genetic Resources Policies and the Generation Challenge Programme

This is a collection of incisive writings by various leading authors on issues of intellectual property and policy in the area of genetic resources, from the perspective of the mission and objectives of GCP and similar work by other institutions – many of which are partners or collaborators.  The entire collection is downloadable as a pdf document below.

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