Genebank Management References

This page provides access to the lists of the publications that were used to build the content for the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base website, organised by crop and topic:

  1. Banana references
  2. Barley references
  3. Cassava references
  4. Chickpea references
  5. Forage grasses references
  6. Forage legumes references
  7. Maize references
  8. Rice references
  9. Wheat references
  10. Other crops references
  11. Procedures references
  12. Management strategies references

Additional references on genebank and genetic resources management can be accessed at the CGIAR Virtual Library. One can view a list of publications by entering a keyword (e.g. genebanks, cryopreservation, storage, etc) in the search field. For assistance on using this facility, you can watch this video explaining how the CGIAR virtual library works.

You may also find useful materials in the libraries of the various CGIAR Centres, the links to which are provided below:

Bioversity Library CIMMYT Library ICARDA Library IITA Library
CIAT Library CIP Library ICRISAT Library IRRI Library


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