Genotyping services

The purpose of the IBP Genotyping Service is to facilitate the first contact between the client and the service providers and to introduce the clients to those services. The clients are free to work directly with the service providers once they feel comfortable with the process. The Service provides a set of options for users to access different marker service laboratories in the public and private sectors with clear contractual conditions. It identifies laboratories able to provide services for genetic diversity analysis and plant breeding applications and negotiates favorable terms for IBP clients. Laboratories are selected on the basis of competitive cost, fit with quality control requirements and expeditious delivery.

The IBP Genotyping Service provides the link with the genotyping laboratories, templates to request services, and guidance on relevant policies for DNA/germplasm exchange. The Platform does not however take on any legal responsibility regarding the choice of service provider by users, only facilitating bilateral contracts. Clients can engage with service providers directly, but if you require help with the process click on Genotyping Service Client Support. For additional information and help on using the IBP Genotyping Service, contact Chunlin He.

Click on the appropriate service provider on the sidebar on the left for more information and contact details on the genotyping laboratories on contract with IBP.

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