Groundnut Genome Sequencing


The peanut genome sequencing project was launched in 2012 by Peanut Genome Consortium, a coalition of international scientists and stakeholders that guide and implement research in Peanut Genome Project (PGP) as an integral program of International Peanut Genome Initiative (IPGI).

IPGI has over 135 members in 20 countries at 79 institutions and is a committed step by the world-wide peanut research community to meet the needs of the peanut industry. PGP goals are:

1)      A high quality tetraploid reference genome sequence.

2)      High throughput genome and transcriptome characterization of tetraploid and diploid.

3)      Phenotypic trait association with genetic haplotypes.

4)      Interactive bioinformatic resources.

The large size (2.8 Gb) and allotetraploid nature of peanut genome are challenges for peanut assembly. A high quality reference genome sequence of cultivated peanut (Tifrunner) is being generated and will anchored to chromosomal linkage groups.


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