Groundnut SNP Markers


  • Nagy 2012 reported development of 1,536 SNPs using ESTs of A. duranensis. Of the 1,536 SNP markers developed, 1,054 could be included in the A. duranensis genetic map. Of these 1,054 mapped SNP markers, 815 were derived from the cDNA sequencing project while the other 239 were genomic legume orthologs. Table.
  • Alves et al. 2008 identified SNPs in all nine size monomorphic sequences. Five of them were chosen to design primers using the tetra-primer ARMS-PCR methodology. Eight of them were selected to design primers using the SBE primer methods.
  • 8486 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were identified when the data were subjected to moderately stringent filtering to account for a SNP in at least two sequences from a genotype, allele frequency among genotypes (min 0.01 minor), sequence errors at ends of reads (ignore 10 bp ends), and proximity to neighboring SNPs or indels (no other SNP or indel within 20 bp). Download SNP data.
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