Marker-assisted Back-crossing Tool

Marker assisted back-crossing tool
Trushar Shah (ICRISAT, India)
Technical Support
Mark Sawkins

The Molecular Breeding Design Tool can be used to design ideotypes based on QTL target regions (foreground markers) and to recover recurrent parent genome (background markers) in backcross breeding applications. The graphical display facilitates the comparison of germplasm based on genotype. 

Graphical display assists with:

  • The selection of donor and recurrent parents
  • Assign foreground markers associated with QTL
  • Assign background markers to recover recurrent parent genome
  • Design a target genotype (ideotype)

Additional tools to:

  • Determine the minimum number of individuals that need to be genotyped in each BC generation to recover at least one double homozygote for the markers flanking target QTL at the end of the programme
  • Identify polymorphic makers between any two accessions
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