Marker assisted recurrent selection tool
Alain Charcosset
Laurence Moreau
Fabio Valente (INRA, France)
Efficio Technology Services, LLC
Technical Support
Mark Sawkins

OptiMAS predicts crossing strategies that optimize the likelihood of assembling favourable alleles into a target genotype. Molecular markers in the vicinity of favourable parental QTL are used to trace the movement of QTL between generations. OptiMAS uses genotype data to predict the probability of allele transmission in different MAS schemes and mating designs (intercrossing, selfing, backcrossing, double haploids, RIL), allowing some generations to be considered without the need to genotype.  Selection and crossing strategies are based on expected progeny genotypes. OptiMAS supports decision-making associated with the marker-assisted breeding plan generated by the Molecular Breeding Planner.

OptiMAS is a Breeding Management System standalone tool that can be launched from the Workbench or from a desktop icon. OptiMAS has a graphical user interface, but can also operate from command line. 

OptiMAS follows three steps to aid marker-assisted selection:

  • Prediction
  • Selection
  • Intermating 
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