Breeding Planner

Project planning and queries
Efficio Technology Services, LLC
Technical Support
Arllet Portugal
Graham Mclaren

Planning tools to support:

  • Marker-Assisted Recurrent Selection 
  • Marker-Assisted Backcross 
  • Marker-Assisted Gene Pyramiding 

Its interface provides the following windows:

  • Project Window: Lists all molecular breeding programmes within an open project- three distinct programmes can be considered: MARS, MABC and MAS for gene pyramiding.
  • Parameter Setting/Viewing Window: You can edit/view your breeding parameters in this window.
  • Breeding Scheme Window: Once the breeding parameters are specified, a breeding flowchart will be demonstrated in this window.
  • Plan-Making Window: You can select the current stage/generation of your breeding programmes in this window. A detailed plan for the near future will be made by the Molecular Breeding Planner. 
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