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Databases are curated by crop lead centers of the CGIAR.
Workbench developed by Efficio Technology Services, LLC
Legacy ICIS tools are developed by the ICIS development team at IRRI.
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The Workbench is the application for setting up and opening a project workspace for your breeding programme. 

The Breeding Management System (BMS) contains database-integrated tools that seamlessly connect to the crop database when launched from an established Workbench programme. Database integration minimizes the need to manually create, save, and import files as you move through a breeding programme. When these tools are launched through the Workbench, selected data moves seamlessly from the database to the application.

Database integrated Workbench tools
  • Germplasm List Manager: browse, search, and filter germplasm to create custom lists.
  • Breeding Manager: design crosses, advance generations, and select progeny.
  • Genotype Database Manager: connect germplasm to genotype data.
Database integrated tools with stand-alone capability
Some database integrated tools can be launched separately from the Workbench. When launched as stand-alone applications, properly formatted data can be imported into these applications:
  • Trial and Nursery Manager (IB Fieldbook): design and manage field trials, as well as nurseries.
  • Statistical Analysis (Breeding View): analyse phenotypic data and identify quantitative trait loci (QTL).
Tools without database integration
These tools, even when launched from the Workbench, are not automatically preloaded with selected data. Data files must be created, saved, and imported into these tools. Expect these tools to be database integrated in future versions of the Breeding Management System (BMS):
  • Molecular Breeding Planner: Match breeding goals and crop genetic considerations to marker-assisted breeding programs
  • Molecular Breeding Design Tool: Select target genotypes for marker-assisted backcross breeding (MABC) and determine optimal population sizes for each generation
  • Decision support tool for marker-assisted selection (OptiMAS): Generate a target genotype by predicting the recombination of favourable QTL into a target genotype

Crop databases and leading centres:

The BMS contains databases for nine crops (bean, cassava, chickpea, cowpea, groundnut, maize, rice, sorghum and wheat). You can also use BMS for other crops. BMS contains empty databases without preloaded information, other than a few very basic traits, such as yield. When you install a crop database, two databases are created:

  • The public database contains publicly available pedigree, phenotypic and genotypic data curated by a nominated centre for each crop.
  • Programme databases are accessible to programme members, and data generated are automatically saved to the programme database. We invite users to publish programme data to the public crop database; sharing pedigree and performance information on your germplasm accessions.
Beans - CIAT Cassava - IITA and CIAT Chickpeas - ICRISAT and ICARDA

Phenotype & Pedigree (~154 MB) Pedigree Information(~141 MB) Phenotypye & Pedigree (~136 MB)
Pedigree Information ICASS with Traits only IChIS with Traits only
IPhIS with Traits only    
Cowpeas - IITA Groundnuts - ICRISAT Maize - CIMMYT
Phenotype & Pedigree(~164 MB) Phenotype & Pedigree (~136 MB) Pedigree Information(~152 MB)
Pedigree Information   IMIS with Traits only
IVIS with Traits only    
Rice - IRRI and AfricaRice Sorghum - ICRISAT Wheat - CIMMYT
Phenotype & Pedigree(~752 MB) ISgIS with Traits only(~128 MB) Phenotype & Pedigree(~1.1 GB)
Pedigree Information   Pedigree Information
IRIS with Traits only   IWIS with Traits only


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