IBP Partners and Collaborators

The development of the Integrated Breeding Platform and this web portal would not have been possible without the valuable contribution of our various partners described below:

Scientific and Management Advisory Committee (SiMAC)

SiMAC was established at the commencement of the Integrated Breeding Platform Project to provide strategic guidance and monitoring, providing advise to the platform Management Team at the scientific and management levels. The membership of SiMAC, which consists of a core group and a specialist group to be called upon for specific purposes and/or assignments,  is drawn from both the private and public sectors, and covers a diverse areas of experrise pertinent to the mission of the Platform. For more information , click on Scientific and Management Advisory Committee.

WorkBench Implementation Team and IBP Applications and Portal Developers

The IBP WorkBench Implementation Team is the group charged with ensuring a co-ordinated and coherent development of the different applications and numerous tools that will constitute the informatics WorkBench of the Integrated Breeding Workflow System that is the centre-piece of the IBP information and data management function. The Team comprises of representatives of the various partners responsible for the development of different components of the WorkBench.

IBP developers are drawn from a variety of partners institutions and organisations and are working dilligently to produce efficient but user friendly informatics applications and tools to aid the integrated breeding process. They are working on applications to manage project planning and design; data management, storage and quality assurance; data analysis; and modeling and  decision support.A second group of developers has worked on the design and implementation of this portal that provides the gateway to the information, tools and services of the Integrated Breeding Platform.

For more information, click on WorkBench Implementation Team and IBP Developers.

IBP User-Testers Group

The Integrated Breeding Platform user testers are drawn from a variety of agricultural research institutions and universities that are working on the designated user cases of the Platform and related Generation Challenge Programme research initiatives. This group are charged with testing tools and applications of the platform, including portal functionalities, to ensure that those tools and applications serve the real needs of breeders. They ensure that the Platform does not become a technology-push white elephant, even as it introduces the breeders to cutting edge developments in both molecular breeding and informatics.

For more information, click on IBP User-Testers Group.


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