IBP Scientific and Management Advisory Committee

The Integrated Breeding Platform Scientific and Management Advisory Committee (SiMAC) has a membership of no more than fifteen persons divided into two groups: the Core and the Specialist Groups.The Core Group (6 persons) oversees the evolution and implementation of the project from a strategic and global perspective. Core Group members include the chairperson of the User Committee, and leaders in the following fields: molecular breeding (from the private sector), information and data management in a high throughput e-environment, capacity building and support services, and plant science network management including marketing.

Thre Specialist Group (10 persons) is composed of resource persons to be consulted in on specific issues. One member each  of this Group is selected from of the following professional fields: molecular breeding, bioinformatics and data management, process and quality insurance, drought specialist, IP and Policy, information and communication management, public awareness and marketing.The composition and skills required in the Specialist Group are revised annually.

As at October 2011, the members of SiMAC are:

Core Group

Name Organisation Area of  Expertise
Fred Bliss Seminis Inc Capacity building and support services
Michel Ragot Syngenta AG Molecular breeding
Morakot Tanticharoen National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Thailand Plant science network management
Pascal Flament Groupe Limagrain Holding S.A. Genotyping
Rita Mumm University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Process and quality insurance
Steve Goff iPlant Collaborative Bioinformatics, information and data management
Tabare Abadie Pioneer Capacity building and support services
Chair, IBP User Committee    

Specialist Group

Name Organisation Area of Expertise
Andrew Farmer National Center for Genome Resources, US Bioinformatics tools
Hugo Campos Monsanto Inc Drought specialist
Nancy White Full Circle Associates Communication and marketing
Sam Eathington Monsanto Inc Molecular breeding
Silvia Salazar Fallas National Seeds Office, Costa Rica IP and Policy

Ex-officio members

Jean-Marcel Ribaut Generation Challenge Programme Chair, IBP Leadership Team


SiMAC advises on issues of technical priority and relevance, user requirements, practicality and sustainability of the IBP and achieving and sustaining impact. This includes evaluation of progress towards project milestones; suggesting opportunities, strategies, partners and activities to enhance progress; monitoring risks to the project and and suggesting risk management strategies; evaluating research and commercialisation partners; advising on IP practices to best further the objectives of the project and while maintaining global access.

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