International Rice Research Institute training


The International Rice Research Institute Rice Knowledge Bank (RKB) is both a  digital extension service for those who provide information and support for farmers and also the first comprehensive, digital rice-production library containing an ever-increasing wealth of information on training and rice production. The RKB provides a wealth of information on

  1. Seed management,
  2. Land preparation,
  3. Water management,
  4. Nutrient management,
  5. Crop health,
  6. Harvesting,
  7. Drying,
  8. Storage,
  9. Milling
  10. Marketing.

It includes Rice Doctor, a diagnostic tool for production problems in the field.

Additional information covers the best management practices for the Preplanting Phase, the Early Vegetative Phase, the Late Vegetative Phase, the Reproductive Phase, and the Ripening Phase.

For more information on the International Rice Research Institute training activities, click on IRRI Training.

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