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Crop breeding professionals can access the plant breeding program at Iowa State University - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences without becoming a resident on-campus student: The Master of Science in Plant Breeding - Distance Option offers a rigorous, integrated curriculum taught by plant breeding faculty within the university's Department of Agronomy.  The program offers fundamental skills in plant breeding, the study of advanced concepts such as genomic selection, and analysis of problems in plant breeding.The curriculum consists of nine 3-credit courses, and 3 credits of a creative component, for a total of 30 credits.
Important Application Information
  • Program prerequisites include undergraduate course-work in algebra, chemistry, biology, statistics and crops/horticulture.  Generally, students who have completed a degree from a College of Agriculture will meet the requirements.  Students who do not have the undergraduate coursework will need to complete any missing prerequisites before starting the program. For detailed information on course prerequisites click on admission requirements for the MS Plant Breeding - Distance Option program
  • All students, regardless of geographic location, are charged the in-state/resident tuition rate. More information on this is avalable on the university's Tuition & Fees page.
  • A list of course descriptions and semesters offered is available on the university's plant breeding curriculum page.

For detailed information click on ISU Colege of Agriculture and Life Sciences MSc in Plant Breeding - Distance Option.

Contact Person: 
Dr. Thomas Lübberstedt
Department of Agronomy
1204 Agronomy Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011
eMail: Tel: 515-294-5356


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