KBioscience/GCP KASPar SNP Platform

The IBP Genotyping Service provides the link with the genotyping laboratories, templates to request services, and guidance on relevant policies for DNA/germplasm exchange. The Platform does not however take on any legal responsibility regarding the choice of service provider by users, only facilitating bilateral contracts. Clients can engage with service providers directly, but if you require help with the process click on Genotyping Service Client Support.

KBioscience provides KASPar (Competitive Allele Specific PCR) SNP genotyping services - a recent homogeneous fluorescent genotyping system. The KASPar system offers the simplest, most cost-effective and flexible way to determine SNP genotypes in plant and animal sciences. KBioscience was acquired by the Genomics Division of LGC, creating a market leader in genomic services and SNP genotyping. KBioscience provides both regular (4-6 weeks) and fast turnaround (under 4 weeks) services depending on the customers’ needs.

The IBP Genotyping Service has converted sets of one to two thousand SNPs for each of the main crops supported by the GCP to the KBioscience KASPar platform . Those SNPs are thus now available in a breeding-friendly and cost-effective platform for use in the main IBP-supported breeding schemes - MAS, MABC and MARS. For a list of the crops, click on SNP Marker Conversion.

The benefits of accessing KBioscience through the Integrated Breeding Platform include:

  • Immediate access to KASPar-ready SNP markers, with no upfront investment to develop the markers
  • Concessionary pricing negotiated by GCP for users of the platform.
  • A dedicated team led by a Plant Genetics Specialist to provide expert technical support to collaborators for all GCP genotyping projects.
  • Standardised protocols for project initiation and confirmation of data delivery timelines with a set of forms to help identify and track each sample set to be genotyped and which will standardise information to be provided in advance of each project.
  • An improved sample and project tracking system, including formal communication of internal and external project number references, and sample receipt confirmation (including courier tracking number).
  • A service level agreement which will provide minimum and maximum data delivery times from sample receipt (6 weeks for regular projects), with expedited timelines arranged for individual projects with special requirements.
  • A formalised system and cost structure for fast tracked samples where this is required
  • Advance delivery of sampling kits to ensure that they are available in key local destinations in order to avoid the delays sometimes experienced in the delivery of these kits to some locations.
  • Improved plant collection kits to for ease of use and transportability.
  • Centralised communications options through a single email address gcp@lgcgenomics.com supported by dedicated project management teams.

Work is ongoing on a dedicated interactive GCP portal , to be launched in the coming weeks, on which documentation and procedural information will be available - including sample submission and access to all the assay data. Pending the launch of the portal, clients can use these forms:

Contact details are provided below.

Darshna Vyas (Dusty)
Plant Genetics Specialist
Head of GCP Collaboration Team
KBioscience UK Ltd.
Unit 1-2 Trident industrial estate
Pindar Road
Hoddesdon, Herts
EN11 0WZ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1992 470 757  Fax: +44 (0) 1438 900 670
Email: Darshna.Vyas@lgcgenomics.com; GCP@lgcgenomics.com

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