Phenotyping for Plant Breeding: Phenotyping for Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Improvement

Quantitative trait loci mapping for yield components and kernel-related traits in multiple connected RIL populations in maize

Meta-analysis combined with syntenic metaQTL mining dissects candidate loci for maize yield

Evaluation of the yield and nitrogen use efficiency of the dominant maize hybrids grown in North and Northeast China

Whole genome mapping of agronomic and metabolic traits to identify novel quantitative trait loci in bread wheat grown in a water-limited environment

Comparison of sorghum classes for grain and forage yield and forage nutritive value

Nitrogen and water-use efficiency of Australian wheat varieties released between 1958 and 2007

Assessment of Groundnut under Combined Heat and Drought Stress

Hamidou F, Halilou O, Vadez V.  2012.  Assessment of Groundnut under Combined Heat and Drought Stress. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science. 199(1):1-11.

Climate change impacts on crop productivity in Africa and South Asia

Knox J, Hess T, Daccache A, Wheeler T.  2012.  Climate change impacts on crop productivity in Africa and South Asia. Environmental Research Letters. 7(3):034-032.

Physiological Breeding I: Interdisciplinary Approaches Improve Crop Adaptation

'Physiological Breeding I: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Improve Crop Adaptation' is added to the wheat community biblio database on the recommendation of Farooq i Azam. It is targeted at wheat breeders, but also has material that would be useful to all other cereal breeders.

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