The McClintock introductory course for crop bioinformatics

This course was designed and developed  by Richard Bruskiewich of the International Rice Research Institute, with contributions from:

  • Dr Helen Ougham, Institute of Grassland & Environmental Research/ Aberystwyth University
  • Dr. Xinyou Yin and Dr. Paul C. Struik, Crop and Weed Ecology Group, Wageningen University
  • Dr. Robert D. Hall, Plant Research International Bioscience
  • M.Baum and A.Hamwieh, International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)
  • Takashi Gojobori and Takeshi Itoh, Bioinformatics Research Unit, Division of Genome and Biodiversity Research, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Japan
  • Bertrand Collard, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia
  • Huu-Sheng Lur, Professor, Department of Agronomy, National Taiwan University.

This is a largely self-study introductory course in crop bioinformatics targeting crop scientists who wish to apply bioinformatics techniques to their work, but don't yet have any specialized training to do so.

This course is broken up into modules which should each take about 1 day's work to complete.  The material for the course was generously contributed and reviewed by various experts in the field of crop genomics and bioinformatics.

The course is hosted on the McClintock Website, an online portal targeted at scientists who are not bioinformaticians but who need to apply crop informatics tools and methodology to their work. It is divided into 9 modules, each with the option to download in PDF or print:

1. Intro to bioinformatics
2. Biological databases
3. Sequence analysis
4. QTL mapping and MAS
5. Marker assisted back-crossing
6. Genome analysis
7. Gene expression analysis
8. Proteomics
9. Systems biology

A contributors section lists the scientists that contributed to the development of the course.

In addition to the introductory course for crop bioinformatics, the McClintock web portal also contains:

  1. Outlines and support materials for workshops hosted by the former GCP Sub-Programme 4
  2. Layperson's guide to the application and usage of GCP data standards
  3. Information about bioinformatics protocols
  4. Links to end-user information on software developed by the former Sub-Programme 4, including user manuals for these tools.


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