Next Generation Sequencing

Integrated Breeding Platform partner Macrogen Inc provides Next-Gen Sequencing services to researchers and scientists worldwide, with a firm commitment to high quality of work, customer satisfaction and integrity  based on the highest business and ethical standards.

Macrogen offers an extensive array of sequencing platforms - Illumina HiSeq2000/2500 and MiSeq, Life Technologies SOLID and 3730s, and Roche 454 systems, with offices and laboratories in Europe, the US, and the Asia Pacific regions, and multiple teams of scientists and statisticians, committed to offering innovative solutions to support your projects, from samples through analyzed data, to validation of putative candidates. Their user-friendly Laboratory Information Management System enables  clients to monitor the progress of their project and access their data without delay. 

Key features of the Macrogen service product include:

  • Using industrial-scale laboratory infrastructure to manage the entire sequencing process
  • Worldwide '24/7, Mission Critical Support'
  • Next generation sequencing specialists with specific knowledge on each industrial platform to support client projects
  • Very competitive pricing, made even more affordable for Integrated Breeding Platform clients
  • A large menu of sequencing applications and enrichment methods
  • Total Genomics Solutions including:
    • Next Generation Sequencing service
    • Capillary Sequencing service
    • Oligonucleotide service
    • Microarray & Validation service
    • Genetically Engineered Mouse service
Contact details
Bellbull Kim Ph. D.
Research Director, Next-Gen Sequencing Division
Macrogen Inc.
Laboratory, IT and Business Headquarter & Support Center
10F, World Meridian Venture Center,
#60-24, Gasan-dong, Geumchun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82 (2) 2113 7100 
Fax: +82 (2) 2113 7016
Special Discounts for IBP Clients  
Macrogen offers special discounts to IBP clients, the level of discount applicable being determined by the nature and location of the client.
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