Rice Genetic maps


  • Orjuela et al. 2008 developed a Universal Core Genetic Map (UCGM) with a set of 165 well-distributed anchors was identified, each containing at least three, tightly linked SSR markers and representing a total of 517 SSR loci.
  • Harushima et al. 1998 developed genetic map of rice (Oryza sativa L.) with 2275-marker covering 1521.6 cM in the Kosambi function has been constructed using 186 F2 plants from a single cross between the japonica variety Nipponbare and the indica variety Kasalath.
  • Kurata et al. 1994 constructed a high resolution rice genetic map containing 1,383 DNA markers at an average interval of 300 kilobases (kb). The markers, distributed along 1,575 cM on 12 linkage groups, comprise 883 cDNAs, 265 genomic DNAs, 147 randomly amplified polymorphic DNAs (RAPD) and 88 other DNAs.
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