Rice SSR Markers


  • McCouch et. al. 2002 developed and experimentally validated 2,414 new di-, tri- and tetra-nucleotide non-redundant SSR primer pairs, representing 2,240 unique marker loci for rice (Oryza sativa L.).
  • Cho et. al. 2000 have performed comprehensive comparison of allelic variability between the markers over a set of 323 microsatellite markers; 194 were derived from genomic library screening and 129 were derived from the analysis of rice-expressed sequence tags (ESTs) available in public DNA databases.
  • Temnykh et. al. 2000 extracted DNA sequences containing SSRs from several small-insert genomic libraries and from the database to develop 188 new SSR markers. These markers were evaluated for allelic diversity in order to enhance the resolution of an existing genetic map of rice and to obtain a comprehensive picture of marker utility and genomic distribution of microsatellites.
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