Sorghum genetic maps


  • Kong et al. 2013 developed the genetic map of the S. bicolor × S. propinquum RILs contains 141 loci on 10 linkage groups collectively spanning 773.1 cM.
  • Mace et al. 2009 constructed a sorghum consensus map consisted of a total of 1997 markers mapped to 2029 unique loci (1190 DArT loci and 839 other loci) spanning 1603.5 cM and with an average marker density of 1 marker/0.79 cM. Fig.
  • Wu et al. 2007 developed a SSR linkage map for sorghum using 352 publicly available SSR primer pairs and a population of 277 F2 individuals derived from a cross between the Westland A line and PI 550610. A total of 132 SSR loci appeared polymorphic in the mapping population, and 118 SSRs were mapped to 16 linkage groups. These mapped SSR loci were distributed throughout 10 chromosomes of sorghum, and spanned a distance of 997.5 cM.
  • Menz et al. 2002 reported high density map of sorghum using AFLP technology and a recombinant inbred line population derived from the sorghum cross of BTx623 x IS3620C. The 1713 cM map encompassed 2926 loci distributed on ten linkage groups.
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