Sorghum Genome sequencing


The Sorghum bicolor genome project was initiated through the DOE-JGI Community Sequencing Program (CSP). A total of 10,717,203 shotgun reads were collected. Paterson presented analysis of the ~730-megabase Sorghum bicolor (L.) genome representing approximately 98% of genes in their chromosomal context using whole-genome shotgun sequence approach.

Approximately 8.5-fold redundant paired-end shotgun sequencing was performed using standard Sanger methodologies from small (approx 2–3 kb) and medium (5–8 kb) insert plasmid libraries, one fosmid library (approx35 kb inserts), and two BAC libraries (insert size 90 and 108 kb) collectively representing 678,902,941 bp (97.3%) of nucleotides.

The genome assembly and annotation were publicly released and it is available at Phytozome

Link to visualize genome in the GBrowse.

Genome paper: Paterson AH, et al. (2009). "The Sorghum bicolor genome and the diversification of grasses." Nature 457, 551-556

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