Sorghum SSR Markers


  • Ramu et. al. 2009 SSR markers by mining the SSR-containing EST sequences from the database of sorghum. In total 600 SSR-containing sorghum EST sequences (50 homologous sequences on each of the 12 rice chromosomes) were selected. A subset of 55 polymorphic EST-derived SSR markers were mapped onto the skeleton map of a recombinant inbred population derived from cross N13 × E 36-1. Table.
  • Yonemaru et. al. 2009 developed a new set of 5,599 non-redundant SSR markers in whole-genome shotgun sequences of sorghum line ATx623 to facilitate the genetic and molecular dissection of sorghum genes that encode traits with economic value, including quantitative traits Table.
  • Taramino et. al. 1997 reported characterization of 13 SSRs in Sorghum bicolor. Ten of these loci were isolated by screening sorghum genomic AG-enriched libraries with labelled poly(AG)/poly(CT), the other three were derived from database searches.
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