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ICIM (QTL IciMapping) is a software which constructs genetic linkage maps and maps QTL by simple interval mapping and inclusive composite interval mapping. It can also map segregation distorsion loci, analyse QTL by environment interaction in biparental populations, and map QTL in Nested Association Mapping populations. New features and improvements in Version 3.2 include:

  1. Dominant/recessive markers are considered in recombination frequency estimation, map construction and QTL mapping.
  2. A new functionality called IMP is implemented, which can be used to build the integrated map from multiple genetic linkage maps sharing common markers.
  3. A new tool called 2pointREC is implemented, which can be used to estimate the pair-wise recombination frequency in bi-parental population.
  4. Much more markers can be handled in the software. For example, map construction and QTL mapping can be done for more than 2000 markers.
  5. Figures of linkage maps are improved.


Unable to open QTL results

Hello All,

I tried running ICIM mapping on windows 7/8 with example data, however, when QTL analysis is finished, I am not getting following error.

Unhanded exception has occured..
Input string was not in correct format. Couldn't store in TraitID Column. Expected type is int32

Please Help

QTL IciMapping Version 3.3 released on July 16

Version 3.3 of the software was released in July 2013, accessable from http://www.isbreeding.net/software/?type=detail&id=12

Eight fully implemented functionalities in QTL IciMapping v3.3 are: (1) BIN: Binning of redundant markers; (2) MAP: Construction of genetic linkage maps in biparental populations; (3) BIP: Mapping of additive and digenic epistasis genes in biparental populations; (4) CSL: Mapping of additive and digenic epistasis genes with chromosome segment substitution lines; (5) MET: QTL by environment interaction in biparental populations; (6) NAM: QTL mapping in nested association mapping populations; (7) SDL: Mapping of segregation distortion loci in biparental populations; and (8) CMP: Consensus map construction from multiple genetic linkage maps sharing common markers.

Two supplementary tools in QTL IciMapping v3.3 are: (1) 2pointREC: Estimation of recombination frequency between two loci in 20 biparental populations; and (2) ANOVA: Analysis of variance of multi-environmental trials. 


Data export

This software is fantastic. It'd be greater if it also offers data outputting of ICIM results to OptiMAS and ISMAB input files. Anyway there should be links between GCP tools, I think. Lam

Install ICIMapping

Dear all

I am trying to install ICImapping on windows 7 professional, but I am always aked to install .NET Framework. I did that but still have this message. I want to start trying this software with a dataset in biparental cross from two heterozygous parents. I appreciate all of your comments.

Best regards,
Emanuel Araya
Costa Rica

Installation of ICImapping

Please try to re-install ICImapping. Problem may be solved.

Manivannan, India

Problem in Running program

I am able to install the program successfully. When I click to start the program, I get the message "Program has stopped working........."
I downloaded the .net framwork 4 extended but did not solve the proble even after several updates. I am using window 7 enterprises, 64 Bit operating system. I uninstalled the program and installed again. The problem persists.
Can someone let me know what is the problem?
Used program version is: QTL IciMapping V3.3

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