Simulation tool
Difficult to use
Jiankang Wang (CIMMYT-CAAS)
Mark Dieters (University of Queensland)
Morris Montes (University of Queensland)
Adrian Hathorn (CSIRO)
Scott Chapman (CSIRO)

QU-GENE is a simulation software to investigate the characteristics of genetic material undergoing repeated cycles of selection and molecular marking. It includes modules for inbred lines and hybrid varieties. It creates a population of genotypes from a genetic model. The model is defined as a specification of the genetic architecture of the trait(s) and how this is influenced by the types of environment that make up the target population of environments.

Usability: requires training and experience with quantitative genetics


  • diploid populations with multiple alleles per gene
  • traits influence by multiple genes, di-genic epistasis and GxE
  • defines and creates populations of any type (pedigree-derived, inbred, hybrid)
  • describes and flowcharts breeding programs
  • models the results of inbred and hybrid programs (including MAS, MARS, GS)
  • allows selection based on traits, trait indices, markers, marker scores, marker BLUPs
  • runs in multi-processor environments
  • integrated with APSIM biophysical model of cropping systems


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