Traits & Protocols - Sorghum

The GCP publication Drought phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice contains a chapter specifically dedicated to the drought phenotyping of sorghum - Phenotyping sorghum for adaptation to drought by Robert E Schaffert, Paulo EP Albuquerque, Jason O Duarte, João C Garcia, Reinaldo L Gomide, Claudia T Guimarães, Paulo C Magalhães, Jurandir V Magalhães and Valéria AV Queiroz. This provides valuable guidance on principles, traits and processes for both practising breeders and students of the subject.

Both the trait dictionary for sorghum and information on SNPs markers and other markers are provided in the Crop Information pages of this portal. A link to the sorghum crop ontology, which is under development, is also provided.

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