UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy

The Univeresity of California - Davis Plant Breeding Academy is a professional development course designed by the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center to increase the supply of professional plant breeders.

The Academy provides training in plant breeding equivalent to that obtained in a Master of Science program. It provides greater depth in the specific subject matter of plant breeding but possibly less breadth than some MS programs require. As participants will not be enrolled in a formal degree program, they would not be eligible for a graduate degree. However, the Academy program may be recognized by graduate institutions, at their discretion, as equivalent to formal university courses for transfer credit.

The curriculum, developed by instructors with input from industry leaders, includes the following topics :

  1. Introduction to plant breeding
  2. Statistics
  3. Genetics
  4. Selection theory
  5. Recombination and population development
  6. Establishing and monitoring goals and priorities
  7. Breeding methods
  8. Selection methods
  9. Genotype by environment interactions
  10. Breeding systems
  11. Resistance breeding
  12. Special topics

For more information, click on Plant Breeding Academy-Africa and Plant Breeding Academy-Asia. To go to the Academy homepage, click on UC-Davis Plant Breeding Academy.

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