The use of molecular markers for efficient crop improvement: Marker Assisted Breeding, a Learning Module.

This course was developed for the Generation Challenge Programme by Theresa Fulton of Cornell University and Robert Koebner.

It is designed to be used both as basic course material and as a self-tutorial.  It is geared towards scientists and students with a good background in biology, genetics, molecular markers and plant breeding, but a number of resources are provided throughout the course to assist those with limited background knowledge.

The module is presented in 7 sections:

  1. Marker-assisted Breeding - An Introduction
  2. Selection of markers in MAB
  3. Genetic diversity and germplasm selection
  4. Tips on phenotyping in MAB
  5. Genetic linkage mapping
  6. Quantitative trait analysis
  7. Applications and future directions

Also included are

  1. a resources section,
  2. a glossary, and
  3. a comprehensive list of references.
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