Wheat SSR Markers


  • Bossolini et. al. 2006 identified 10 SSR markers in the Aegilops tauschii and wheat BAC clones of the rice Lr34 orthologous region.
  • Hayden et. al 2006 developed 684 polymorphic sequence-tagged microsatellites (STMs), of which 380 were genetically mapped in three mapping populations, with 296 being mapped in the International Triticeae Mapping Initiative W7984 × Opata85 recombinant inbred cross. Across the three populations, a total of 479 STM loci were mapped Table.
  • Peng et. al. 2005 reported characteristics of eSSRs in the wheat genome, construction of consensus chromosome bin maps of SSR-containing ESTs (SSRESTs), and development of 266 eSSR markers for the 21 wheat chromosomes Table.
  • Song et. al 2005 developed 540 set of primers flanking wheat microsatellites and position the associated loci on the wheat genome map by genetic linkage mapping in the ITMI W7984 × Opata85 recombinant inbred line (RIL) population and/or by physical mapping with cytogenetic stocks Table.
  • Nicot et. al 2004 examined 170,746 wheat ESTs from the public (International Triticeae EST Cooperative) and Génoplante databases, for the presence of di- to hexanucleotide simple sequence repeats (SSRs). Analysis of 46,510 contigs identified 3,530 SSRs. Among these 3,530 contigs, 927 were used for primer pair design. From these 927 contigs, primer pairs were developed for 688 (74%).
  • Gao et. al 2003 reported 101 EST-SSR loci distributed over the 20 chromosomes of the reference maps which were amplified from 88 primer sets.
  • Gupta et. al. 2003 900 SSRs among 15,000 ESTs belonging to bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).
  • Leigh et. al. 2003 generated 12 SSR markers generated from genomic libraries and 20 SSR markers from EST and the performance of both marker sets was assessed.
  • Gupta et. al. 2002 developed larger number of microsatellite primer pairs as a part of the WMC (Wheat Microsatellite Consortium). 58 out of 176 primer pairs tested were found to be polymorphic between the parents of the ITMI (International Triticeae Mapping Initiative) mapping population W7984 × Opata 85 (ITMIpop).
  • Pestsova et. al 2000 developed 65 functional SSR markers by screening lambda phage and plasmid libraries of A. tauschii genomic DNA.
  • Roder et. al. 1998 developed highly polymorphic microsatellite markers using procedures optimized for the large wheat genome. In total 279 loci amplified by 230 primer sets were placed onto a genetic framework map composed of RFLPs previously mapped in the reference population of the International Triticeae Mapping Initiative (ITMI) Opata 85 x W7984.
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